Auction – Advertise with no price

The Auction method is recommended for properties:

  • Which are in a high demand market
  • Which are likely to encourage Competitive bidding between multiple buyers
  • Where it is preferable to let the market determine the price rather than pre determining it prior to sale
  • Where creating deadlines for purchasers will limit procrastination
  • Where sticking to a marketing budget and a specific time frame is important

Private Treaty – Normally advertised with a price

The private treaty method is recommended for properties:

  • Where the asking is very clear and can be set as a guide
  • Which are not unique and are quite easily comparable to other properties
  • Where time is not essential in the sale equation

By Tender/Expressions of interest

This is a useful method for a property which is:

  • Special and unique and not directly comparable to many other recent local sales
  • Likely to attract specific buyers
  • Unlikely to attract the broad number of purchasers required for an auction sale, yet similar to an auction campaign there is competitive pressure to act within a certain time frame